Parents, Students, School Staff and Concert Attendees have given us some wonderful feedback.

Haringey Young Musicians charity supports the out-of-school ensemble programme run by Haringey Music Service. The charity raises funds to support music tours, runs the tuck shop at rehearsals, and provides front of house support at concerts.

The Haringey Young Musicians programme includes several ensembles, which are open to anyone of school age. Members must either attend a Haringey school or live in the borough. The ensembles have 10 weekly sessions per term. The 10th session is a public performance.

As well as high profile engagements around the country and successful participation in national competitions, the advanced level groups have travelled widely for cultural exchanges including Finland, Barbados, Jamaica, USA, Argentina, China and Peru.

“We loved the concert last night! It was great to see so many talented young musicians performing live at last! Emily really enjoyed herself. This is to say a huge thank you, to you and all the great tutors and conductors, for all that you have done to make this possible. ”

Parent – HYMSO Concert

“THANK YOU for the brilliant clarinet video lesson this week.

His clarinet came straight out on Monday and he did the whole lesson with great focus and enjoyment.  it was a perfect complement to his online learning!

All best and thanks for all you and your teachers continue to do.”

Katherine Haywood 


“Thank you so much for recognising Andrew’s commitment and effort. He is really pleased! Andrew has been quite diligent about practising regularly and we have all noticed the improvement in his playing.

Thanks again for all the fantastic teaching and hard work done by all of you at Haringey Music Service. Joe Morris is an excellent teacher and deserves special mention. Andrew is also greatly enjoying Big Band. The standard of teaching across the board is exceptional. ”

Robert Burton


“Today we sat in our garden chatting with a friend and enjoying the wonderful music created by the Haringey Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra.  It may only have been a rehearsal in the grounds of Hornsey School for Girls, but it was a joy for us to hear.
Thank you for all the good work you do and please pass on my thanks to the young musicians and the rest of the team responsible.”

Glanville Neale (local resident)

“I live in a flat backing onto the playground of Hornsey School for Girls. I just wanted to say thank you very much for last week’s evening rehearsal there of the Haringey Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra – after 15 months of lockdown and restrictions, it was only my second live music experience in all that time (the other was in somebody’s front garden as I was on my way to do my fruit and vegetable shopping!). Whilst I was distracted by helping my downstairs neighbours move out of the flat into the evening, whenever I got a chance, I came to sit on my bed and look out my bedroom window to enjoy the music for a moment or two. It was great.”


“I just wanted to make sure you knew how incredibly grateful we are that Dylan was able to attend today. He has said that it has specifically been you that has kept him going. I am a little frustrated that he didn’t convey his thanks to you himself. Teenagers eh!!!

He really enjoyed it and would like to try to get into the orchestra group and therefore we will get him some classical lessons to hopefully improve his skills. Can you recommend anyone or do you in fact yourself do 1-1 lessons?

It was great to see young performers again both last night and tonight. Many thanks to all of your team for their hard work Rebecca.

Just to say thank you to you and all the staff for an amazing concert last night. What an achievement! I can only imagine how much work it was to get it all ready. Anyway it was a super evening of varied music and most enjoyable.”

Ruth (Lydia from Vox’s Mum)


“Thanks so much for letting Lena skip the final rehearsal – she really wanted to play so I’m glad she had the opportunity. And the orchestra sounded fantastic – can’t wait for the big one next year. ”

Parent – HYMSO Concert

“Thank you for awarding Azjuné with this beautiful certificate. She is so happy!  We are hoping that  this will be a motivation to produce even better work.

We would also like to say that we appreciate Joe’s  hard work and dedication towards Azjune’s    learning. His support has been great in making this past year as stress-free as possible, allowing Azjuné to enjoy her tutorials even under lockdown.”


“Please can you pass on that these HYM Zoom meetings have been great for Balthazar and Alexander. It provides a bit of normality and structure at this unusual time.

I appreciate that it is counterintuitive in terms of live performance and group rehearsals but it really is making a difference to the boys’ weeks.”

Sally Partridge 

“Just to reiterate what a success Tuesdays’ Training Strings are! I understand Charlie is leaving? Please pass on our thanks to her, Chloe joined Charlie’s class in September and has thoroughly enjoyed her teaching.”

Fiona Pattni

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you both for supporting Ernest this term in the Trainee Windband.  It was such a proud moment to see him play in his first concert last night and he can’t wait to come back next term!”

Cathryn and Jamie

“Just a quick note to say how wonderful it was to hear live music again after so long. I’m sure it was for so many others as well. Especially performed by our wonderful young Haringey musicians. I say ‘ours’ because Haringey has and will always be the most enjoyable time of my professional life.  I remember Andrew Wolf joining the orchestra when he was about 14 and Chris Storey as a pupil at Gladesmore school when I first became Inspector of Music here. How far they have come.

Please pass on my thanks and congratulations to others – Chris Stripp, Nick W and Abi who joined the service after I had left and to you too. It has been such a challenging year for music services. It is a credit to you and the staff that the young people are still able to make music of the highest quality. ”


“I have just moved in to Rathcoole Gardens and have been decorating all week. My flat backs onto the netball courts and I just wanted to say how good the concert was last night and the practice building up to it. You certainly have a gifted set of students.

It would be great if the outdoor concerts could continue post COVID! My neighbour and I would both be pleased! Has been a wonderful welcome to the neighbourhood.”

Jamie Brown


“Thank you very much – we’re so grateful for the fantastic organisation of lessons and orchestra by HMS”

Ann Marie McBroom

“Thank you very much – we’re so grateful for the fantastic organisation of lessons and orchestra by HMS”

Ann Marie McBroom

“There were four children taking part in a well-structured learning process, which was engaging and unmistakably focused upon the development of the children’s skills.  There was a good use of resources and materials, which showed evidence of sound planning and as a result there was a good degree of challenge and progression of skill development.”

Linda Sarr

“The guitar fun day at Fortismere was a turning point for Zakariah, we were close to giving up before then. Firat, his teacher, has already been in touch, so thanks HMS”

Parent of Zakariah Aden who got distinction in grade 1 guitar exam.

“Thank you so much for sending this and to everyone at HYM for making this possible. It’s absolutely fantastic! Nick is so clever. I’m not sure how he has managed to put it all together but we are very grateful. Vera really enjoyed learning the piece and it was a great thing for her to focus on through lockdown. We really appreciate you all keeping the weekly ensemble classes going too.”



“Just to say I really loved the concert last night – the guitarists sounded fantastic and I felt really proud of them, thinking back when Amy and co. joined Training Guitars in Year 5. I felt really privileged to be able to watch – we have learnt not to take these things for granted. It was great to see Symphony Orchestra and the Big Band too. Well done to everyone!”

HYMGO and HYMSO concert

“Well done, it’s been amazing how you’ve all kept it going, and the concert was incredible, especially given the circumstances this year. Very impressed with the senior performers / composers.”

Nick Hare


“I’ve been meaning to send a message, to thank the HYM teachers and staff for their hard work this year and also for persevering with online lessons during lockdown.

The performance of the Intermediate Strings really moved me and I am so proud of Eryn and all the players in the group.

Please give my thanks to Laura and Hannah. They deserve a standing ovation!”

Anna Mari Comrie


“Thanks for your email. I just wanted to say thank you for your great, super efficient, calm over the last year particularly, it keeps all the amazing aspects of HYM alive, even through these crazy times”

Adele O’Hanlon

“Dan, I hope you are well. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help and support in getting this trumpet for Tarrel. It’s absolutely beautiful and he loves it. We appreciate everything that was done in getting it.

Thank you, thank you.”

Adila, Coimbra

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support at Woodside! It has been a challenging year but I am so grateful to have a great team around me!

Our instrumental staff have also been amazing and we have managed to get the best out of our students in such a short space of time!! That’s dedication for you!”

Claire Danso, Woodside High School


“What a wonderful testament to all that you have achieved in Haringey! A positive feast of music in all its diversity, performed and presented with a tangible sense of joy at every juncture.

I never knew that an ensemble of guitars sounded so sweetly, nor that there were such very small bassoons. And in the Training String Orchestra the bowing of the cellos had a level of energy and commitment which I have never seen matched in all my professional life.

You should be so proud of all that you have achieved – and all that you have given to the young people of Haringey and to music in the UK.”

Sir George Benjamin

“Just forgot to say thank you for the amazing video, I think it took a lot of time and effort to put together all the individual videos in one. But it came out beautifully and it makes the children proud of what they accomplished during this difficult year. Thank you to all of you, you are really special.”

Valentina Barbaria, parent Training Guitars

“Nick is excellent – even with the challenge of three tricky year 2 children he rises to the challenge and teaches them so well, engaging nicely.  He had the door open today so I was privileged to have this in the background.  Maybe let Haringey know as I am sure tutors rarely get praise! ”

Ms Umarani Nathan, Parental Engagement and Publicity Lead/PA to Headteacher


“We very much enjoyed hearing the Haringey Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra rehearsing in the playground at Hornsey girls’ school this evening, and I know our neighbours did too. It was like hearing a free concert without even having to leave home. Thank you to the orchestra for such lovely music, and to you for taking the trouble to send out leaflets advising those living near the school of the rehearsal. Although the orchestra was not at all a disturbance – quite the opposite – it was a thoughtful gesture. Best wishes to you all, and I hope you come again.”

Barbara Harper (local resident)

“I just wanted to take a moment to email you both with a huge THANK YOU. Last week’s cajon tour was just the icing on the cake, after a fantastic term working with you both.

There is much work to do to transform people’s perceptions of students who attend alternative provision, but also to transform how the young people perceive themselves. The work with HMS has gone a long way to supporting that work.

You’ve both been absolutely brilliant and we LOVE working with you.”

Gerry Robinson, Haringey Learning Partnership


“Thank you for taking my call today and helping to explain how the Haringey Music System works. I really appreciated the time and trouble you took to explain how the invoicing and allocation of instruments works as well as efficiently and kindly arranging for me to come and collect my daughters flute tomorrow.

I am very happy with the service I’ve received and in particular how quickly, once allocated, both finding an insturnent and securing her place for lessons has been.

Thank you for the time and trouble you personally took to make this possible.”


We rely on your support to provide these wonderful opportunities for the children of Haringey