Whole Class Instrumental Teaching

Clarinet Maintenance

Looking after your Clarinet

Your clarinet should need very little maintenance if you are careful with it. You should never wash the body of the clarinet, but you may clean the mouthpiece with warm, soapy water, being careful not to get the cork joint too wet. For dried on deposits, you can soak the mouthpiece upside down in a glass of water with the cork above the waterline then wipe away with a damp cloth.

If you think something is wrong

If you think something is wrong with your clarinet first of all you should check that you have put it together properly. Lining up the centre joint correctly can be particularly difficult.

Next, you should check that your reed is in good condition and that it is positioned properly. Any chips and cracks can stop it from vibrating and reeds can easily move out of position.

Don’t panic!

If you still think something isn’t right, take your clarinet to your teacher at the start of your next lesson. It is your responsibility to look after your instrument but many problems can be easily fixed so don’t worry.