Whole Class Instrumental Teaching

Trombone Maintenance

Looking after your trombone

As long as you look after your trombone, it should need very little maintenance. Keep it clean and dry, store it in the case provided and avoid putting anything extra in your case unless there is a special space for it. Foreign objects can easily get lodged in the instrument and cause problems.

My slide doesn’t move!

If your slide isn’t moving at all, check that the slide lock (if you have one) is not engaged. It’s usually a ring that you turn at the top of the slide.

If your slide does move but is sluggish or stiff, take it to your teacher at the start of your next lesson who will apply some slide cream or slide oil for you. Do not attempt to do this yourself and never use anything but the correct product. Other types of oil can cause problems with your instrument.

My mouthpiece is stuck!

This can happen if you have been hitting or tapping on the mouthpiece as the seal is very tight. You will need to bring your trumpet into school as safely as possible (sometimes it will no longer fit into the case).  Your teacher may have a special tool called a mouthpiece extractor. If not, you might have to leave your instrument at school for a few days to allow someone from Haringey Music Service to visit and sort it out for you.

Don’t panic!

The bottom line is not to panic. Many problems are easily fixed and your teacher is the best person to help you sort out your issue or point you in the right direction. It may be that there is nothing wrong with the instrument at all and they will be able to help you fix your technical problems as well.